My thoughts on Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert!


I want to start by first saying Teresa thank you so much for trusting your newest baby to your readers! Nothing I have read from you has disappointed me yet and I don’t believe it ever could!!!

The first part of this blog will not talk about any spoilers it will just be my take on the book with out giving away the details! I will put SPOILER ALERT! When I am about to talk about some of my favorite parts of the book!!!

Suicide Note is a book about two people who do not realize who badly they need someone else in their lives and how they both need to let go and live a little!!!!!

Shane and Jenn suck you into their lives, because of the pain that they are suffering from broken hearts, loss and jealousy something that we all go through everyday. At one point in our lives we all feel like we have nothing or no one that can help us or that maybe we do not really want them too. When these two people meet you can feel their connection right away, it is like something clicks into place for both of them! I cried and laughed during this book. My heart sank at certain times and I wasn’t sure if I could keep reading!!! Goosebumps ran over my arms several times! This is real life this is what happens! Life is not all romance or car chases with big explosions, sex all the time no matter how good, vampires, and witches!! It is cheating and thing that we are unprepared for but that you would never want to change! You have to let the past become the past; you can either face it and move or dwell!!!  These two people have made the choice to move on and become who they never knew they wanted to be because of each other!

It is an amazing love story about real life! An American hero who is lonely and sad! A girl who has always been invisible and had almost given up!!! They are made for each other and they just didn’t know it, they make you feel their pain, fears, sadness, happiness and everything in between. You have those books that you know you could read over and over and this is now added on that list for me!

I am so beyond thankful to be one of the first people to get to read this book!! I know that on when this book comes out on the 15th of March it will go flying off the shelves as it should!


*********************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!************************

Poor Jenn when this book first starts I truly believe that she is going to harm herself in some way. To have your soon to be husband cheat on you with none other than your sister!!!! I can’t even think to feel the pain that this would cause. My sister is my best friend and I could never believe that we would do that to each other.

Shane is an American hero who has been so wrong and to tell you the truth I know people who have had this happen. They are away fighting for our freedom and to have the person they love the most is back home, but not truly waiting for them!!!

These are some of my favorite and least favorite parts (by that I mean parts that mean so much to the book but made me cry)


The part where Shane thought he would not see his dog again! Broke my heart a little  I love my animals so much! I could not imagine seeing them everyday! just like my kids!

When Shane starts talking about losing his mom I can not pretend to understand the pain of this but I have lost people in tragic ways and that will always stay with you! This is the first part that I cried about!

The guy that Jenn’s mother set her up with is TOTALLY creepy! My goodness I would have bite him to if he tired to shove his tongue down my throat after I ordering food for me!!! GRRRRr

When Jenn and Shane first meet! You can almost feel that he feels something for her but he doesn’t know what it is!!!

When Shane found the letter my heart stopped! WOW WOW WOW!! Bit I knew right away it was the piece of paper Jenn was looking for when she forgot to mail the letter for her boss out!!!!!!

I love love love that she is like “I work here. We met yesterday” totally thinking this guy was jerk!!! When he was the only one who remembered that is was her birthday!!!

Than they spend almost her whole birthday together horsing back riding, getting cake, buying a coat for him and talking! After he found her on “her” bridge, where all she wanted to do was read a book. ( I know this feeling very well)

After they go to NC to “steal” his dog back, and they both see that neither of them is what they thought! It was not indeed a Suicide Note but a goodbye letter. That someone who was so fed up with her life she thought they only way to become who she truly was; was to run away and start over.

When they go to her sisters’ rehearsal dinner together it is amazing! I am so happy that someone finally stands up for her. Thomas is a jerk and Shane should have kept knocking him in the face; until that ass couldn’t see!!! I loved that her Dad gives Shane a nod of the head when he does it!

I think their first time could not have been better for the two of them! It was perfect all of their secrets, and demons were laid on the table and they both knew what they were getting into!!! What a great and horrible way to say goodbye!!!!

How he hid the CD in her dresser drawer and had May tell her where to look after he left and he made sure that Jenn would have a date for her sisters wedding something she never wanted to go to!!!

When Thomas touches her and talks about their sex life at his wedding to her sister made my skin crawl! We all know there are men like that out there but gross!!!! I hope I never know “that” guy.

When May and Jenn go to the bar, you have to feel bad for May when the bartender knows who her husband is! But can still give wonderful advice to Jenn about never giving up and that you have to work through your problems.

SHE IS HAVING A BABY!! I knew it when it was 5 in the morning and she was throwing up! On the way to the hospital she is feeling so much better you just know! Than you think oh wait how many times did they do it in that one day and you never hear anything about using any type of protection!!! I was not sure if I was happy or sad for them!!!

I think it is one of the best things Shane could have done to plan popping the question to her over skype while his cousins helped him out!!! OMG so great!!!

And than its a boy! A little baby Shane! How great!

Than a bomb hits! to get an email that tells you nothing has to be heart breaking enough but to be pregnant and not know. I cannot even image what I would do. I like that her family shows up to help comfort her even though they have never really been there for her so it made me wonder!!! I think they were trying to be nice which I get but hmmmmm.

When they find out it Owens is awful you know Shane will never get over the feeling that he did not do his best. All the thoughts that are going through his head must be killing hiim slowly. Than to have to come and bury his friend is even worse.

When Chelsea calls and makes it seem like she has been there for Shane when he is pulling away for Jenn must hurt her completely. When she compares Gail (her sister) and Chelsea I almost felt silly for not seeing it before. They truly are and she could not see or be with the man she loved and did not really have anyone to talk to!

I love that she is always eating! Even at 2 in the morning I did that when I was preggers too made me feel a little better!!! LOL

When she made the trip to see him when he got home I knew something was going to happen! He did not seem happy to see her at all and than his Dad is there! I think that is so sweet that his dad shows up to talk to him and see him home from war. But I do believe that he should have told Jenn the truth instead of pushing her away!!  I would have left too, gone to my hotel and cried! I don’t think I would have opened my door, but would have laughed when he was able to get in!!

Than they get married which is the best! Just them no fuse no muse, just two people in love!!!

Gail leaves Thomas thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Gail and Jenn become closer she rents Jenn’s apartment and moves on with her life!

The best Christmas present for them was to have a baby. It may not be in the best for their son Owen when he grows up but I think with parents like his he will never feel upset about anything in his life!!!


Thanks for reading! i hope you all enjoy the book as much I did!!!






Be weird, Be random!!!

You hear this all the time no one is the same! And to be honest who would want to be? Not me I love being myself, being weird and random! Getting the tattoo’s that I want and mean something to me if they do not make sense to you that is not what it important to me! They are for me! I have 3 wonderful children and they are all soooooooooooooooo different!!!

My oldest loves baseball well really any sport, he can catch on in all of his classes so quickly it is amazing!!! He wants to play baseball when he grows up!

My middle child and youngest boy is the funniest kid you have ever met! he can make you laugh no matter how bad your day has been. He writes stories and is a scary movie buff!!! He loves scary movies!!! I think that he will grow up to be a writer of some kind which pleases me to no end!

The youngest and the only girl is “out of her mind” she wants to be a pop star by the time she is 11 with her own show on the Disney channel. This is what she has been saying since she was 5!!! I am running out of time to get her out there!!!!

My point is that no kid is the same, I am the middle child of 3 girls! Yes that’s right 3 girls I don’t think if I had 3 girls I would be able to do it lol! None of us are the same! We might state things the same but it would end there! Well my older sister and I love to read all the time! (sorry seesster calling us out on our nerdiness)

I hate when I hear parents say well his brother gets it so much easier than this one! I don’t get it, I don’t want my kids to be the same! I love love love that they are all different.

This is what makes the world go round what makes you YOU!!! Don’t ever forget that you are you!

BE WEIRD BE RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always try for better

I have been thinking a lot lately!

Which for me is not always a great thing! I tend to over think EVERYTHING!!! One of my professor told me once that I reminder her of the Tim McGraw and Nelly song over and over again! Which made me smile because I love that song!!!! 

I am the type of person who is always striving to be better than what I was before! 

When you are a teenager you start to plan your life….. When your 5 you want to be a doctor, 11 a pop star ( though if you ask my daughter the only thing she wants to do is have her own show on Disney Channel and a CD), when you are 16 what do you want to be. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, an author, a great mom, a clothes designer ( I cant sew so I will never be on project runway :() Anyways those are your plans for life. So what happens………….


WELL PLANS CHANGE! When this happens you must revisit and revise.

I met Chad when I was 18 and fresh out of high school he had 2 wonderfully amazing little boys! I had our daughter at 20. So needless to say I did not go to law school just yet but I am on my way it is just taking longer than I thought it would………


I have been thinking about starting a book! I can’t go to law school till all my children are older so I have some time. There is no one family that has the same situation which makes us all who we are, but I can tell you there is no one who’s story who comes close to mine! I think that with what I have to say I could write an amazing book that might help other people who are in a similar situation……………………………


So why not write about something that I know I am good at and if that book works out than guess what I will write another and another…….





Middle schools trying out for sports!

I get it I do! I understand that children have to learn that they don’t always get everything they want or desire!!! I really do understand, but on that same note when you get a phone call from your 13 year old son who tells you the school coach is picking 12 kids to play on the basketball and he was number 13! That’s right it came down between him and one other kid and he did not get the spot.

He seemed more OK with it than I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart sank for him I told him the best thing that I could…………….

I was sorry he didn’t make the team and I knew he did his best and I was so beyond proud of him that he never stops amazing me!!!!

I always always try to do what is best for my kids and I always try to protect them from EVERYTHING this makes no sense.

Everyone has to feel hurt and disappointment that is life right? I just never thought that it would happen to one of my babies at 13! 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is fine with it!

He knows what his skills and strengths are and he can play those up when baseball season comes back. That is his game and he rocks at it that is for sure!!!

I feel like this is just rambling and rambling but I had to get it off my chest and now that I have I don’t feel any better lol! But at the same time it is amazing to know that HE is OK that he is not upset or disappointed!

I thank the lord everyday for the strength that he instilled in my kids!! They are so brave and so strong.


A bucket list?

How many of us really have a bucket list?

I don’t have a written list though maybe I will make one after this post. There are so many things I want to see, want to do, want to accomplish before the world for me is done. I want to travel all of Europe, see Spain, go to Australia to see the Opera House. Heck I want to see EVERYTHING that make the history of the world.

I want to jump out of an airplane, go cliff diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, ride the highest roller coaster. I do not want to climb the highest mountain though. The cold and I are not the best of friends I really like to wear my flip flops and yes I wear them in the snow. Which is not always the best idea but heck who really needs 10 toes. I love a good thrill the rush it gives to reassure that you are truly alive, and breathing.

I want to write books about life the real one and the ones’ that always seem to be better than real life. Who knows maybe someone will want to read them, I don’t think that I have anything interesting to say, but I know that I am somewhat funny sometimes.

I think that because I am just an open and honest person that writing a book about my life or my kids wouldn’t be so bad. I believe that I am going to start doing this very soon.

You see all these shows that tell you the world is coming to an end. When we see the news it seems like people are going crazy losing their minds. Random shooting, weather going crazy just like in a movie. I don’t believe that zombie are coming even though I like watching the Walking Dead, or reading the books that tell you things will change in the blink of an eye.

My bucket list will show everything that I want my kids to see and do before they grow up and move out and have families of their own. After that my bucket list will change and I will do the selfish things that I wont do well I have young babies. Well not so young babies I mean they are growing up and doing the things that they want to do which is hard for me! so right now my bucket list will show what my family will do before it is all too late.  

What is on your bucket list?

Who are you calling White Trash?


I have never read a book like White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert.

It is about a young girl named Cass who was dealt a very very hard hand in life. She is trying to make the best of it and we have all been in a place were it seems like nothing is going your way and you truly feel like giving up.

Her boyfriend and Mom get high together with out any care for how she feels about it,  and out of the 3 of them she seems to be the only one with a “steady” job.

She works at the diner that is in the trailer park she lives in which isn’t the best job but she is finding ways to save a little here or there so she can make her own life better, and get out of the park!

Than one day everything changes…….. I wont give too much away because you really need to read this book!

I think it touched my heart because everyone I know myself included has felt like there was something wrong with them or they weren’t good enough to do something or be someone great!! When someone helps you see that you are worth something or you can be anything.

Cass starts to see and feel that she is worth something and she can do something with her life and get out of the trailer park.

Teresa shows you that no matter where you come from or where you think you might belong that someone will always believe in you or think you are White Trash Beautiful.

The extended version of the book comes out in July with a second and third book coming soon after that! I am not a very patient person and I really don’t like waiting! But I believe that these books will be worth waiting for.