Beautiful Disaster! Jamie McGuire


WOW Jamie really grabs your heart with this book! Travis is a brawler who seems to jump from girl to girl with no care in the world. He fights and drinks and super smart but don’t tell anyone.
Abby is a cute little girl who wants nothong more than to be friends with Travis. There is just some pull between them that they can get rid of.
Travis seems like the type of guy you want to hate he is rude, and uses these girls, fights for the hell of it just to make a buck; but than when him and Abby become best friends he seems to change. He wants her more than he wants anything in his life; but she doesnt want herself to be caught up in anything that could remind her of her dark past!
When that past comes back to haunt her she believes that Travis will get sucked into the darkness just like anyone else. She walks away……………………. My heart broke for Travis he is so upset and than tries to act like he is fine so that way they can still remain friends even thoughj they both want more. She tries to move on as well but Travis pulls her back in
Than it is like BAM! They come together and remember why they should be together! The end made me so happy. Good Job Jamie I can not wait to read it from Travis’ POV! I bet it will be better!!!


Collide Gail McHugh


What can I say!! I was not to sure if I would like this book my feelings were mixed. You feel awful for Emily “Molly”, she has just suffered a loss that I would never want! Her boyfriend seems to be to hiding something HUGE! But when are too close and in love you never want to see what is really in front of you, it is to hard to believe what is under your nose. When someone walks right into her life with out seeing what is happening. Emily, Dillon and Gavin get missed up in a bad mess that none of them see coming. Which puts ALL of their friends in a bad spot as well. When Emily opens her eyes and her heart they both get ripped to pieces again and she clings to the only thing she thinks can make her happy. In the end she stops thinking about what might hurt her and takes a risks! AND THAT IS WHERE IT ENDS!!# Major cliff hanger………………… Good job Gail McHugh, great book! I have read the sneak peek of the next one and I can not wait!

Relentess! Cassia Leo


This book was a quick read! Not to bad at all. It starts kind of slow, not always a bad thing. (You get to know the chacters which is always a nice thing) I finished it in 2 days and I really do like this book. My only dislike of this book is this………….. the secert, the twist, whatever you call it you knew was going to be big HUGE even and a little heart breaking. I almost had it figured out but not quite! I was not a big fan of the ending only because I think when you leave too many unanswered questions that could be a problem. I am all for cliffhangers because that is what the first 2 books in a series are right cliffhangers? But with that said I think that if you leave too many unanswered questions and the next book does not come out for a while you could lose your readers. I do not beleive that this will happen here has with the way one of the parts end YOU HAVE TO KNOW what happens next.!!!I Man oh man when does the next one come out??????????????????????????????????????? Cant wait! Good job Cassia Leo

Slammed Series #1


Colleen Hoover is an writer that I have never read!! But after reading SLAMMED I will be trying all of her books!

Slammed is a story about how life will smack you in face every time you think something is going great! Life leads to nothing but death and sometimes it is at the worst times!!!! It is such a bad way to think but it is true! The main characters show you that no matter what happens in your life or when life smacks you down; you need to push through.

Lake and Will have both been dealt a bad hand and are not sure what to do about it. When they find each other they both believe something is about to change and SMACK a hard hit right to the face! Most of the book you are sitting there hoping and waiting for something to change for these two and it picks you up just to throw you back down!

I know this does not sound like it would be a good book, but let me tell you that you can’t stop reading it!!!!! 

I was sad when it was over because I do not have the second book, which I will now be getting. It is on my very long list of to reads!

Great job Colleen Hoover!

Smacked in the face!

Do every feel like when go forward 3 steps you get smacked 12 back! That is how I feel this week!!! It feels like I am moving forward my ids are great, my husband is great, job is going good! Than BAM crap happens!

And yes I know I know it happens to everyone. So why can’t I shake it! Why does it mess me up for days at a time? This makes no sense.I always tell people it will be ok don’t worry but yet that is ALL I do is worry………………………………..

I like to think that I am a strong person, but how can you tell if you are truly strong? Who decides this? Do you? Do the people you spend your time with?

I mean really you can tell people you are strong and smart all day but that does that make it true? I can tell people I am a size 0 all day long doesn’t make it true!!!

I pushed through that is all you can do right? So I started thinking about what I wanted I want to open a bookstore/coffee house, I want to write a book or books? When I told some people this there were no encouraging words just why would you do that? Don’t you know most writers don’t make anything? Don’t most people have ereaders? Why thank you for crushing my dreams before they even start!!! Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I refused to be smacked down by sad Sally’s anymore! You can “smack me in the face” all you want but you will not bring me down anymore!

Remember there is always someone who will want to smack you in the face to make themselves feel better! Don’t let me them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have never read anything from Sylvia Day she is an amazing writer!

In this series both of the main chacters are F’d up in a way. What I liked about this is that it is a little more real! They both have a past which is great because everyone has a past whether they want it or not!

Eva has her own demons and mother who is over bearing to deal with.

Mr. Cross has locked himself away from everyone who might find out his dark secrets!

But when they first meet there is nothing they can do about it, there is some pull between them that they can’t seem to get away from.

Even when both their pasts come back to smack them in the face with pictures, or short slinky dresses and long black hair!

In the first book you feel so bad and great for them at the same time. They both have never been in a real realtionship where they want to always be around each other and love each other even if it kills them.

The second book is way better ( I am going crazy waiting for the third) you see more of who each of them are. You see what they are both about and how they are trying to grow and end up growing apart!

Cray is her roommate who is amazing and might be one of my favorite people in a book of all time! He loves Eva and is like her brother from another mother! Her family loves him just like their own. When he gets hurt I think my heart stopped a little bit, but you knew that there had to be more to the story. He was not just jumped their was something behind it and right than I knew it had to do with Eva’s past! Something or someone was coming back with a venagce.

OH and they did! Poor Cray he just wants to love and be loved and he doesnt know how to do it!

Eva’s father does not like the Mr. Cross which could become a big problem for the already ruff reaitionship between Eva and Giddeon.

When this book ends you have no idea what will happen!

Giddeon’s crazy jelly brother, his ex almost wife, Eva’s ex who is a super hot singer who wants her back and wrote a song about her! Are all trying to get what they want and that is to break them up for good!

The third book does not come out until June and I am already dieing waiting for it! GRR I do not know if I can make it till than but I guess I have to try!

50 Shades of Grey!

These were the first books that I have read like this! I was super scared at first!! But the girls at work told me to read it and that I would love it!

They were right! I love to read so I knew that I would finish them wether I liked them or not!

You get sucked in very quickly trying to figure out if this super rich hot guy is crazy or just uber kinky!

Where poor Ana has no idea what she is doing never having sex before and not thinking of herself as pretty (I think all of us ladies have been there). She gets so lost so quickly!!!!

Can they truly help eachother or is doomed from the start???????????????

When you go through these books you have to read them all at once………… I think that I would have liked them less if I had to wait.

I liked the E.L. James makes the end of each chapter to where you have to start the new one. I hated and loved that!! Though some parts are a little unbelievalbe it is still great! That is what books are about right? ANd who knows when you are super rich people are always after you and they are normally CRAZY! LOL

But to fall in love so quickly when niether of you have been before I think you can only go with your heart! SO GO be free love yourself and love him and believe that no matter what you will both be there for each other!!

I can not wait till the book comes out from Mr. Grey’s side to be honest I think it will be a better read! He is so complex and crazy that who wouldnt want to be in that mind!