Careful What You Wish For By Michelle Escamilla



by Michelle Escamilla

One simple wish can change everything…
Harley Simpson has one wish—to find Prince Charming and settle down. She has a dream job and wonderful friends, but something is missing. With her thirtieth birthday looming, Harley is sure being with her hot, smooth-talking boss Ethan Prince would make her life complete. Having just landed a major client and learning she’ll be working even more closely with Ethan, Harley sets out to celebrate with her friends.
On her way to the bar, Harley chats with a mysterious cab driver. When the woman asks what she would wish for, Harley answers honestly—she wants Ethan. But during her night out, she meets a handsome, blue-eyed part-time bartender and full-time teacher named Matt Garner. No, he’s not a CEO, but he’s the sweetest guy Harley’s ever met.
A wish gone bad…
Harley awakens the next morning in a strange house with Ethan—and their two young daughters. The wish she’d confided to the freaky fairy godmother has actually come true. As she tries to figure out what this means and if it’s really what she wanted after all, Harley discovers Matt is also part of this bizarre world…He’s her daughters’ teacher.
Harley suspects fate has gone completely haywire. Will she be able to find a way out of this suburban nightmare? Or is she destined to stay and live the life she thought she wanted in this messed up fairytale…
Careful What You Wish For.
Aylsha’s Thoughts: Careful what you Wish For, by Michelle Escamilla, definitely has a crazy story line that makes you rethink saying “I Wish.” Harley was a determined woman who was going to make sure she made her career in Marketing. As her birthday came around she couldn’t help but realize she was still working on her career, single, and had no kids. But she thought maybe she could find her happily ever after with her crush from work, Ethan Prince. He was a big flirt, and when she landed a big gig for the firm he asked her to dinner. So all happy, she went out with her friends to celebrate where she met a cute bartender named, Matt, who helped her get a little drunk. That was when she went home in a cab and met a woman who turned out to be her fairy godmother. Only she ended up giving Harley the wrong fairytale. Harley awoke with a whole new life with Ethan Prince, and she had two young girls. Only her life wasn’t what she had dreamed. It was a complete mess, and she soon found out she lost herself through the years with Ethan. So many relationships destroyed and a career left behind. Her fairy godmother, Donna, told Harley the only way to get her life back was to find out who her real Prince Charming was. Harley had no idea what to think. This is the life she wished for only it didn’t bring her true happiness. But through it all Harley was able to decide what she truly wanted in life, which in turn brought her to her real Prince Charming. 



Michelle Escamilla is a married mom of two. She began writing just to pass the time, waiting for one of her favorite authors to release her upcoming book, but soon found a new passion. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her kids, husband or family. She lives in Colorado, where she loves the Mountains during the summer months for hiking and would love to be on a beach during the winter months.

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