Live To Air By: An Ethan Benson Thriller byJeffrey L. Diamond

Blurb: Television, politics, and the Russian mob: Live to Air is a riveting crime thriller, jam-packed with intrigue and unforgettable characters.

Ethan Benson is a charming and principled-if sometimes difficult-television producer in New York City who detests doing crime stories. But that’s of no significance to his high-powered boss at the network, and Benson finds himself assigned to investigating a bloody shoot-out in the Meatpacking District, whose old grime and new glitz provide a symbolic background for a sensational murder that has dominated the headlines.

As he pieces together his story, Benson literally covers New York-from Central Park and Fifth Avenue to Little Russia in Brooklyn and Rikers Island in Queens-crossing paths with a fascinating cast of characters on both sides of the law. Unknown to Benson, organized crime may be only one facet of the thrilling investigation. With his wife and son in hiding and his life in danger, Benson draws closer to a resolution that will have explosive results for the criminals-and for some members of New York City’s political elite as well.

My Thoughts: I love when the author does their research! You can tell that they know what they are talking about and they know how to use their information. This is the authors debut novel and he did a great job. Ethan is someone that you can relate with which is awesome. It makes it so much easier to read a book knowing you can match with the person. He wants the good old days back with what you could call is real journalism. This is a pretty fast paced book and we move along with Ethan very well. There are plenty of twists and turns you just can see coming. If you like a good thriller this is the book for you.

About the author:

Find it here:,%20Inc_2227948_NA&sourceId=AFFGoodreads,%20IncM000027


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