A Stand-Alone Second Chance Bad Boy Romance

by Violet Blaze

Thirty minutes ago, my stepbrother pulled off one of the biggest jewelry heists in history—and I helped him do it.

Now we’re on the run, and I don’t know what to think.
He says he’ll protect me no matter what, but I’m not sure if I should believe him.
After all, we tried that once and it did not turn out well for either of us.

Besides, his father raised us both after my mother passed away.
Gill can be lots of things to me, but he can’t be my lover.

Not again.

When I turned twenty-one, he disappeared. Just disappeared without a word.
Over a decade later, and now he’s back and more ruthless than ever.

He says the right things, does the right things, but the truth is …
I’m afraid of him.

I’m afraid for him

Alysha’s Thoughts: Holy Cow! Talk about suspense, I literally didn’t want to put this book down! I couldn’t wait to finish reading because I wanted to find out how it all linked together, but once finished I wished I would’ve savored it a little more. Stepbrother Thief but Violet Blaze, is full of suspense, action, and some seriously steamy sex scenes. The first page literally starts out with an adrenaline rush; you can practically feel it oozing out of the page.

Regina has had a lot of lose in her life, and they affected her tremendously in many ways. But the one loss she almost completely broke from was Gill’s, the love of her life. So when he returned after 10 years Regina had no doubt in her mind she was going to do whatever it was he asked. She knew he needed some sort of help and she was the only one able to give it. Even if that meant giving up her life to start fresh somewhere else with her step father and little sister. Regina’s mom ended up being remarried after her first husband passed, and deciding they would all move to France. Something Regina was truly unhappy about, until she met Gill and found out he was going with them. Gill was handsome, and little dangerous, and Regina was drawn to him like a magnet. Having to relocate and then dealing with her mother’s murder, Gill was the one person Regina could always lean on. SO throughout their heavy relationship Regina found her rock, until the day she came home and Gill was completely gone. Left with a ring, and heavy secret Regina almost didn’t make it passed his leaving. Cliff, her step father, was able to help Regina become stronger, move on with her life, and between the two they were able to hide her secret very well. Even if this secret she thought she once would celebrate with Gill.

Gill knew he was a bad man, and he didn’t deserve a life of happiness with Regina. But finally after being miserable while protecting her for 10 years he found a way to move on with his life; legally. All he had to do was finish this last job and make sure Regina would go along with the plan, then leave her life behind. Going along with the plan was the easy part, but Regina made sure the leaving included his dad and their little sister. Gill wanted to reveal his intentions to Regina, but also knew it was still dangerous. He also didn’t know if she was even willing to give him another shot, she was still angry and hurt about him leaving with no explanation. Something Gill knew he would have to come clean about soon enough. He knew the love they had was once intense but didn’t realize how intense it would be after all these years apart. Then once he was able to see Regina’s secret it only solidified what he needed to do. But would he still be alive to make that happen, or would he finally have to pay for his past.

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