Lies By Jade C Jamison

335bf7dc-a746-457a-a935-91c28bdef56cI’m excited to share with you Lies, book 10 in the Nicki Sosebee series.


From here on out, the Nicki Sosebee series is getting darker.


Like a dog with a bone, Nicki cannot help but continue to pursue realtor-turned-politician Gina McCafferty as the woman persists in making her play for Winchester’s open City Council seat. But Nicki is learning over and over again that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her fair city. Meanwhile, her personal life is topsy-turvy, and a tattoo artist named Hunter makes Nicki’s life a living hell.

Alliances are tested. Lines are drawn. And events are set in motion that will play out in deadly ways…

Alysha’s Thoughts:

I have literally been waiting forever to here from Nicki Sosebee!!! It has been way too LONG Jade! But let me tell you time has not been good to our girl, she is for real depressed. Lies is book #10 in the Nicki Sosebee series, by Jade C. Jamison. Every book takes you along for the ride in Nicki’s world and even brings some mystery into it with whatever piece she is investigating that book. Each and every book has something new and intriguing, and Nicki’s life is truly wild and thrilling everyday. Jade definitely catches many new readers with this series! I’m super excited (and horribly impatient) for the next Nicki book!!!

Nicki’s love life isn’t going how she wants it to, not that it ever really does. Nicki decides to spend her birthday alone since everyone is busy and the one person she wants there won’t change his ways. Sean has always been the one guy in Nicki’s life and things seemed like they were really going to work. But his drinking ended up getting in the way and it changed who Nicki thought he really was. So Nicki took up drinking at Napoli, the restaurant she worked at. The bartender JD made sure she was well aware he was interested, but things had changed in Nicki’s world. One night stands no longer helped her get by anymore, she was still empty and hollow afterward. So instead of getting herself into trouble Nicki decides to get a tattoo to remind herself to stop dating because love only ends in heartbreak. Only when she got to the tattoo shop Nicki found more trouble then she really wanted or needed. Hunter, the Artist/Owner of the shop, was exactly the type of guy Nicki went for, and much more. After finding out what Nicki wanted Hunter tried to talk her out of it, Nicki realized she wasn’t quite thinking straight. So she went home alone thank goodness. Sean makes sure he pops up into her life again by making sure Nicki is aware of the corruption in their city. Sean makes sure Nicki knows things are worse than what they had originally thought and they no longer knew who they could trust. So all the while Nicki is investigating her great city along with Sean and her blog friend, things with Hunter heat up. So much so that she moves in with him, but this starts to show just how possessive and controlling Hunter is. With Nicki in her state of mind she really isn’t thinking all too clearly until one night. Hunter showed his true colors, and he just may be a part of the corruption. Nicki no longer knows who she can trust, talk to, and her heart is still in pieces over Sean. Nicki’s life in her thirties are not seeming that great at all.


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