Covet (Splendor #1) by Janet Nissenson

Blurb: Ian Gregson had been born into wealth and power – one of the privileged heirs of the top luxury hotel chain in the world. To the outside world, he was seemingly the man who had everything – money, prestige, good looks, charisma – a man who could have any woman he desired. But the only woman he’d ever truly coveted was forbidden to him for far too many reasons to count – her youth, her employment within his company, and especially her commitment to another man.

Tessa Lockwood’s young life has been one of deprivation, misfortune, and heartbreaking loss. Working for the Gregson Hotel Group offers up a glimpse into a world she had never before imagined – one of affluence, sophistication, and splendor. And meeting the suave, elegant Ian Gregson for the very first time awakens feelings in her that she struggles to repress, never imagining that a man like him could find a nobody like her attractive.

Ian and Tessa fight their feelings for the other, knowing that a relationship between them can never exist. But when matters of the heart are involved, things are never quite that simple. How long will both of them be able to hold on before betraying their forbidden attraction to each other? Or will they be destined to remain forever apart?


Alysha’s Thoughts:

“She would become his obsession, the one thing he would Covet beyond anything else, and he would never consent to let her go.”

Oh my!! Janet Nissenson really knows how to draw you in with her words for sure!!! Hook, line and sinker!! Her book, Covet, is book one in her Splendor series. And boy let you tell you I couldn’t put this book down, or stop myself from yelling at a couple of the characters. She truly pulled me in with Ian and Tessa’s story, some things emotional, frustrating, and the greatest; HOT & STEAMY. the amounts of sexual attraction in this book is off the charts! Lots and lots of sexual frustration with this one. Oh and the hot and heavy detailed dreams is enough to make even me blush. I was very disappointed to see the end of the book, Janet keeping you on your toes and making you read the second book to find out. And that’s what I did for sure, immediately went and purchased book two, Crave.

Tess had a rough go at life, life was always trying to push her down. And things always seemed to happen on Wednesdays, which in turn made Tessa dislike the day. She was constantly struggling to survive/win at life, and she was always alone. Just when it seemed life couldn’t get worse it had, but then she was given the precious gift of a friend, Peter. The one person who was there to help pull Tessa out of her situation, and so they could help lean on each other. Peter had his own problems, so his and Tessa’s relationship was not ideal. Peter knew he couldn’t give Tessa everything she deserved, she was a beautiful woman who deserved so much more, but Tessa knew she couldn’t handle things without Peter. For so long they relied on each other, helping each other achieve there dreams, only Tessa didn’t realize that following Peter would lead her to one man who would spoil her.

Ian was very selective in a partner, and he had yet to find a woman to make him forget the world, a woman to capture him completely. This is until he met his newest team member, Tessa, and he knew she was his dream. The biggest problem is Tessa was off the market, and Ian would never jeopardize a person’ marriage for his own selfish reasons. But he couldn’t get over how much Tessa deserved in life, something her husband was unable to provide for. Ian decided to long in secret for this woman, hoping one day she would be single so he could claim her as his.

Tessa never believed a man like her new boss, Ian, would be interested in her. That didn’t stop her from having the most sensual dreams and fantasies about him, all the while he was having the same about her.  When Ian learned Tessa was going to be single once again he knew he had play his cards just right to win her over.


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Stalk her here: Janet is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently resides on the northern California coast with her husband Steve and Golden Retriever Max. She worked for more than two decades in the financial services industry before turning her focus to producing running events. She is a former long-distance runner, current avid yoga practitioner, is addicted to Pinterest, likes to travel and read. She has been writing for more than three decades but Serendipity is her first official published work. There will be a total of six full-length books in the Inevitable series, plus one novella. Up next is the release of book one in the new Splendor trilogy!



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