Wake to Dream By Lily White




Title: Wake to Dream

Author: Lily White

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Release Date: October 11

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Alice Beaumont is running out of time…

Plagued by sleep disorders since her childhood, Alice had grown accustomed to the nightly dreams that terrorized her. She woke up in strange places. She was paralyzed by fear and hallucinations. She screamed each night at unseen specters and evil faces.

When her sister, Delilah, goes missing, Alice’s dreams take on new meaning. A link between reality and fantasy, Alice understands that her dreams hold the key to the mystery of her sister’s abduction.

A hooded woman…

A mysterious and dangerous man…

And a doctor who is determined to help her fit together the broken pieces…

Alice has no choice but to peer deep into the recesses of her mind to discover the clues that will lead her to truth. On a race to save her sister, Alice runs a dangerous maze between the nightmares that haunt her and the monster that waits for her when she finally wakes.

*This title deals with disturbing themes that may be a trigger for sensitive readers.*


Erica’s thoughts:  Holy crap Lily has done it again! I don’t know how she does what she does but goodness I hope she never ever stops! I might become lost without her books.

Alice has been hurt by her sleeping disorders and has truly distanced herself from friends and family. She is having a hard time placing things in the right order and telling what is her nightmares and what is her reality. Every week at the same time she visits her childhood doctor who is telling her she is running out of time trying to figure out what happened to not only her sister but herself. Alice doesn’t see the difference, and this is where it gets twisty, and amazing. Lily takes you through Alice’s dreams, and he sessions with her doctor and you get so lost in the story that even you the reader start wonder what is the dream and what is real. Lily writes with such passion and heart that you can feel it in every word that you read. This will be one of those books that you can read over and over again and never get tired of






Please Choose 1

Excerpt #1:

Some awkward emotion pulled at the corners of her chapped lips, some disturbing thing that caused her to want to laugh off his words as an obvious statement. “That I could love a man like him?”

Turning her head slightly to give the doctor a brief look at her soft eyes, she noticed the rigid set of his shoulders, the seriousness of his attentive posture. He was on edge and she’d been the one to make him that way.

A new guilt rode her, and one she hoped could be lessened with a simple acknowledgement of his concern. “I didn’t love him for the abuse, Doc. That’s not something that makes you love a person, is it?”

Rather than responding, the doctor sat motionless in his seat, patient and waiting for whatever explanation she would give.

Returning her attention to the hair she continued toying over her fingers, she said, “I didn’t love him for that. I loved him because he was dangerous enough to chase away the nightmares.” As an afterthought, she added, “He was dark enough that he overshadowed my light, and the nightmares couldn’t find their way.”

Excerpt #2:

His expression was a blank mask, but the heat behind his stare was sweltering, the small breeze kicked up by the air conditioning system no match against the assault of his illicit inferno. Alice didn’t need to ask him what he was thinking, she knew, and the knowledge was a weighted blade against her senses, a razor sharp realization that shredded everything brave within her to tattered, forgotten rags.

Although his eyes were still the color of dangerous arctic ice, his stare had become anything but cold.

When Alice hesitated, her dignity and modesty preventing her from unbuttoning the dress to pull it from her body, a questioning arch to Max’ dark brow broke through the impenetrable mask he’d worn.

Their eyes locked, the intensity of the give and take between them so lurid that Alice felt tingles across her skin, goosebumps of fear erupting over the surface of her entire body.

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About the Author

Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series (Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s Teacher), Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum. She’s co-authored Serial (a four part serial series). When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison (contemporary romance), and Standard Romance Story (Romance Comedy). Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.

Social Media Links/Contact Info:


Website: http://www.lilywhitebooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlilywhite/

Facebook Reader Group (Lily White Books): https://www.facebook.com/groups/324939144521960/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lilywhitebooks

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7792274.Lily_White

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lily-White/e/B00KJH3EUC/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1474826844&sr=1-2-ent


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