Review: I SEE YOU By Molly AcAdams

❤👀I See You by Molly McAdams 👀❤


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Molly McAdams’ powerful new novel offers one of the most memorable love triangles in fiction since Twilight—perfect for fans of New Adult fiction like Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, and Tamarra Webber.

What if…

Aurora Wilde’s life feels like a series of what ifs, forks in the road, and doors unopened. What if she hadn’t gone to the party that night? What if Jentry Michaels hadn’t captured her interest, or disappeared the next day? What if Declan Veil hadn’t been there to sweep her off her feet?

And as she goes down the list to make her perfect forever, Aurora is happy with her life and a future that seems completely secure. Until, one day, suddenly it’s not. Now she’s stuck between the man who has been there for her and the one she never stopped thinking about.

As the consequences of each of her choices comes to a head, Aurora begins to realize that, sometimes, one tiny decision can ripple through a life and change everything. But when what once felt like a safe and reliable future becomes something else, will Aurora have the courage to make a final decision that could alter the course of her entire life?

Alysha’s Thoughts:

One night, a night to be someone different and let go, one night that changes your whole life. That is what happened to Aurora the night she decided to let her guard down and have one night of passion with a guy known as Jay. They both agreed on that one night only, only Aurora couldn’t bring herself to let that one night go. Too much passion, electricity, chemistry, and everything woman could ever ask for in a partner. So Aurora knew what she had to do, so needed to go find her man.

I See You by Molly McAdams is another fantastic book involving a heavy love triangle. I truly enjoy reading all of Molly’s books, they truly pull you in. The love triangle is so intense though you can feel everyone’s emotions that are involved. In this book, the change between past and present and the suspense in wondering what is happening, what is going to happen, brings a whole new element that was truly enjoyable to read.

Aurora couldn’t help thinking about that one night  constantly, so she knew she needed to go find her man and let him know she wanted him for longer than a night. Only when she arrived to the Frat party instead of finding her one night man she found Declan. Declan was the type of man any woman would be lucky to have and so Aurora let her fantasy man go. Things only became more serious between Declan and Aurora even though he didn’t make her feel like Jay did. So one day when Declan brought home his brother, Jentry, Aurora couldn’t believe she was looking at her one and only Jay. Things started to get more problematic once Aurora and Jentry realized they have been brought back to each other by fate. Now the only thing left was to figure out to be together without killing Declan and ripping apart their family.


He reached for me, but I shot my hand out in a silent plea for him not to. I was already shaking from keeping myself from him. I didn’t want to think about what I would do if he touched me now.

The past was standing right in front of me, begging to be seen. As if I had ever stopped seeing him. As if I had ever pulled myself from the embers of that night. That night was a dance of flames that had no ending, only respites. One touch from him and those embers would roar to life again, burning hotter and higher.

I wanted it.

I couldn’t allow it. Not now, not with everything going on.

I dropped my head and took quick steps to leave the closet, but Jentry’s arm shot out to stop me, his hand curled against my waist possessively.


“Don’t. Please don’t.”

He ignored me and pulled me against him so my side was pressed to his chest. My body trembled as those flames got higher. But with the flames that guilt grew and grew, threatening to cripple me.

“You hurt, I hurt,” he reminded me. “And, Aurora, seeing you like this and not being able to fix it is killing me. I’m sorry for what happened. I’m so damn sorry, and I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner.” Each word was laced with pain, echoing the aches in my heart and my soul. “But you are out of your mind if you think it was easy for me not being here. I have regretted letting you go, every minute of every fucking day. If I could do that first night all over again I would, and I would’ve been there for you. I would have been here.”

The tears that had filled my eyes finally slipped free at his words and the memory of that night. “But you did let me go, and no matter how much we beg time to reverse, it won’t.”

His body deflated against mine as regret leaked from him. “No, it won’t. But I’m here now. I’m here, and we’re going to get through this.”

So much indecision and confusion wove through me. Wants and needs at war with one another as they had already been for an agonizing amount of time.

My heart had bled out through each battle until I’d made a life-changing decision, a decision that Declan and I didn’t speak of, and one that Jentry still didn’t know. Now any move I could make from here on out would be the wrong one. I was sitting in a minefield, waiting.

Just waiting.

“I tried to forget that night,” I whispered before I could stop myself. “I tried to forget you, but somehow you embedded yourself so deeply into my soul in just one night, that forgetting you—forgetting that night—was impossible. I don’t need a lifetime with you to know that no one and nothing will ever compare to what’s between us. But it’s too late for anything involving us even if it’s just us getting through this, because that night and you are now some of my biggest regrets.”



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