Title: The Art of Letting Go

Series: Happy Endings Resort

Author: M.C. Brightly

Release Date: March 1, 2017

When Hartley was seventeen she

legally “divorced” her parents’, escaping the abusive home life that was

leading her down the dark path of depression and suicide. Trying to heal and

let go of her past, she leaves her hometown of Lanesboro, Minnesota and moves

to Arden, South Carolina, to live with her aunt August for a fresh start at her

new life. 

When her old foster family who are like the

grandparents she never had surprise her with news that they’ve moved to

Endings, South Carolina, she feels it’s the perfect time to experience her

first road trip to the ocean. 

She meets a mysterious yet charming Milo, who

lives in the Happy Ending’s Resort trailer park near her ex foster parents’.

For the first time in her life she lets go of the pain of her past and allows

herself to truly live and experience a summer full of adventure—finally feeling

like a normal, wild, and carefree teenager she used to dream about being. 

It’s going to be a summer she’ll not soon forget

with memories that’ll last her a lifetime.




our lives we’re taught not to talk to strangers and never to go anywhere with

someone we don’t know or trust. But what happens when that line between

stranger and trusted adult is blurred?

In one day I had my heart broken and my entire

life turned upside down all because I was naive enough to think this would

never happen to me.

Now I lay here in this prison he’s created for

me and find myself saying, If only he had never kissed her…if only I had

never decided to walk home…if only I never trusted him…I wouldn’t be locked

in this cold dark basement completely alone and wondering if this will be how

my story ends?







Books in Series (All are standalones)

All buy links for the series can

be found here!



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