Left to Chance (Trinity Love #1) By Lila Rose

Left to Chance (Trinity Love #1)

Left to Chance

Blurb: For 18 years and over.

This novel contains a M/F/M relationship.

Jade Lewis’s night out soon turns in to so much more than expected. A one-night stand with Chance Colt becomes more than she ever bargained for. His determined pursuit of Jade and her resolute dismissal of his charms leaves Jade at odds with her inner hussy.

Confident she has managed to dodge the attraction she has for Chance, she lets down her guard, only to be taken by surprise by Chance’s ploy to win her over and convince her that they’re perfect for one another. Enter Dane, Chance’s best friend. Jade quickly realises all the fight in her was useless, especially when things are left to Chance


Alysha’s Thoughts:

Left to Chance, by Lila Rose, is definitely a Hot and Spicy read! She goes a little bold with her storyline, but it totally works. And it only makes this reading experience so much better!!

Jade knows she’s not as attractive as your average woman, she has curves, so of course she wonders how men will ever be attracted to her. So when she met a gorgeous man named Chance, she couldn’t help the instant sexual chemistry between them.  Until she found out he was only 18 after their little romp. Jade knew it was only going to be a one time thing, but Chance had other plans, he was going to win her over with everything he had. Once he figured out what turned her on he knew exactly what he needed to do to get Jade. Now not only was she in a relationship with Chance she was in a relationship with Chance and Dane, all three together. Jade couldn’t help but be turned on by them being together, but could they all make this relationship work? Will Chance and Dane fight for their unique relationship or just let Jade go all together?


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All about Lila: Lila Rose has moved about Australia a lot of her life. Currently, she lives in country Victoria Australia with her husband and two children.

Lila is addicted to coffee, chocolate and reading.

She also loves to write humorous romance. For all novels that come from her weird brain, check out her website!


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