Release Day: the girl in the closet By Michelle Heard






Escaping an unthinkable nightmare, I’m given a second chance at life. Cole Trenton is the first person to look past the broken girl. But the moment I give him my heart he leaves.

Secrets never stay buried, and mine returns with a vengeance.
Cole walks back into my life when I need him most. He shows me how to be strong, that monsters only have the power you give them.

But my biggest fear remains.
How do I silence the girl in the closet before I lose Cole again?


I always knew Birdie Liles was different, but that didn’t stop me from falling for her.
After years of being away, I return home to bury my best friend,
only to learn that Birdie’s in trouble.

If I had known about the monster from her past, I never would’ve left.
I went to fight someone else’s war while I left the woman I love unprotected.

But I’m here now, and I’m ready to send Birdie’s demon right back to hell.






Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who likes her books hot, dirty, and with a touch of darkness. She loves an alpha hero who is not scared to fight for his woman.Want to be up to date with what’s happening in Michelle’s world? Sign up to receive the latest news on her alpha hero releases, sales, and great giveaways →




Release Blitz: SHATTERED love By Nivia Borell

Title: Shattered Love (Forever Us, #1)

Author: Nivia Borell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 28, 2018




Bria du Mont and Damien du Sky have been in love for as long as they can remember. Neighbors and best friends since childhood, they planned to be together forever.


That is until Damien seeks to propose to Bria on her eighteenth birthday and finds her in bed with another man.


Bria has no memory of how she ended up in that situation, but Damien still leaves her. Traumatized by his departure, she develops broken heart syndrome and becomes emotionally numb in her search for closure.


Meanwhile, Damien drowns his pain in alcohol before becoming a ruthless CEO and a playboy who refuses to let himself love again.


Prisoners of their past, Bria and Damien prove incapable of staying away from each other. They dig deeper into the fateful night which tore them apart and uncover secrets which will threaten all they know and challenge the meaning and strength of true love.

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“I am done, Bria,” he says, his bloodshot eyes sealed on mine, his voice cracking. He raises a hand exposing the inside of his palm as I gawk at the fine and long lines carving it. “I have to give you something. Here is my bleeding heart. It has ceased beating in my chest, Bria. It’s yours and always has been. Mend it or smash it!”

His words and torn expression snap something inside me, but before I sink to the floor, he grabs me and scoops me into his lap. Tears run down his pain-distorted face, and I can’t take it any longer. I join him, and we weep in earnest for what feels like an eternity. Then, with my head resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around me, we sit here on the floor, an entangled mess of broken hearts and bodies and sad sounds.

I feel a strong urge to caress him, but I halt my attempt to comfort him. Maybe I am completely mad because I’ve always felt this aching need to be there for him, to ease his pain. I can’t rein in myself even after everything that’s happened. He’s the one I can never turn away from, my other half. I feel truly possessed and under the spell and power of something that, although it feels foreign and distant, is still strong enough to make me surrender my all to him. I am far from caring or cringe he will hurt me anymore. I’ve been on the receiving end for a long time now, and it has never deterred me from trying to mollify his pain. Yes, I suppose he might show some sort of disturbed rejection and hurl cruel words my way, but, as always, I will take it for what it is—his particular coping mechanism.

“How can you even touch me?”

I freeze with my hand midway in the air because the last time we were together, he said he despised and loathed me, so, of course, he will not like my caress. Likely sensing my turmoil, he clasps my hand in his and trails kisses down my wrist. His gesture has something reverent in it, and the moisture he leaves on my hand mesmerizes me. I can’t seem to peel my eyes away.

“Bria, how can you wish to touch and comfort me? How can you caress the same person who caused you the most pain? Comfort the one person who’s not at all worthy of it? How can you touch the same person who said those horrible things to you back then, terrible lies out of the mouth of a complete sinner?”

I just stare at him in disbelief, and a fine line spreads on his forehead. Maybe I’m already dead and haven’t noticed it. Perhaps I took too many aspirin with too much wine. I look at the aspirin foil. It is intact. My body trembles with Damien’s closeness, but my mind is far away. He snatches the packet from my hand, and his brows snaps together.

“What the fuck are these, Bria? What are these pills?” He shakes me, but I still can’t utter any words. “Answer me, Bria, or I’ll force you to retch! Do you really enjoy making me lose my damn mind? I am on the brink of my sanity here, and you are not helping.”

The force of his voice rattles the walls. Is he for real? I manage to find a few words. “It’s aspirin. I have a headache,” I lie.

“Stop deceiving me, Bria. It kills me how easily you can lie while looking me straight in my face.”

He clenches my upper arms, and I tilt my head up.

“When did it become so effortless for you, my sweet baby? Can you remember the day I told you I wanted to corrupt your innocence but hoped it would still be there shining in your hazel eyes? What have I done?”


About The Author

Website | Facebook | Instagram | BookBub | Goodreads | Twitter

Drenching blank sheets in feelings.


Nivia Borell is a contemporary romance author, voracious reader, nature lover, star gazer, day dreamer. She spends her nights deciding between getting up to write, and staying in bed and forgetting the assault of her characters on her sleep (the battle is never ending). She has a weakness for tormented characters, second chances, and happy endings.

While writing is her biggest passion, her husband, family, and books are her greatest loves.

For updates, news, and releases be sure to visit Nivia’s official website at www.

She loves hearing and connecting with her readers.


Cover Reveal:Pepped Up & Wilder by Ali Dean


Release Date: December 18, 2018

Cover Design: Hang Le





The best part of a happy ending… finding out it’s actually just the beginning. Having someone promise to be by your side, to chase dreams with, whisper troubles to, it’s more than I could have imagined.

But after three seasons of Jace playing pro ball in Ohio, three long seasons, with him on the road, and me training all over the world, I’m questioning if we can really have it all. Harsh criticism of our relationship is all too familiar and uncovers old wounds. I only ever wanted to run and to be with Jace, and finding the perfect balance proves to be my greatest trial yet.

We vowed not to let our love deter each other’s athletic goals, but I miss him. I miss us.



The demands of our careers have us running in opposite directions, when we should be putting down roots, together. But escalating fame and an overbearing agent have me fumbling everything I hold dear, including Pepper.

After years of dedication and sacrifice, I’m finally in a position to trade to my hometown team. Moving back to Colorado could be the answer to all our problems, but just when I think we’re finally on the right track, we’re sacked with news that turns everything upside down. News that rattles me and sends Pepper into a tailspin. It’s time for me to remind the girl that I fell in love with how to fight.

Until she’s ready, I’ll fight hard enough for the both of us. For better or for worse.





Excerpt (subject to change)


Jace is already in the weight room at Zoe and Wes’s place when I arrive. They’re on a ski trip, but left us free reign of their house. It’s still not quite pool weather but we’re taking full advantage of their gym.

I’ve got an hour of strength exercises to do and it’s excruciating being in there with Jace as he goes through his routine nearby. The music fills the air and no words are exchanged, but the tension crackling between us is nearly unbearable. I’m in my sports bra and Jace is shirtless, and though we didn’t exactly intend for this to be some kind of buildup, I’m pulsing with need by the time I’m on my last set of lunges. Jace is hovering close by. We haven’t even said anything to each other and I know by the heat in his gaze he’s as wound up as I am.

“You almost finished?” he asks, voice raspy.

I lower to one more lunge and then stand. “Done.”

“Thank fuck,” Jace growls, coming toward me and taking my mouth in his. We’re all sweaty limbs and desperation as we slip off our bottoms and tangle on the floor matt. It’s fast and hard and exactly what we need as I watch him behind me in the mirror spanning the walls on both sides. I can see his front and his back with windows on both walls and the image is so erotic, we finish together in minutes.

“I don’t think we should get a home gym,” I mumble when we collapse together in a heap.

“I was thinking the exact opposite,” Jace says with devious grin.

“We need supervision. We’d never get our workouts in. I barely made it through that session and we already had sex this morning.”

We do have to make up for lost time when we’re together, but it never seems to be enough.

“And we’ve got our own hotel room tonight so.” Jace waggles his eyebrows and I giggle.

“You’re insatiable,” I pretend to complain.

“When it comes to you, yes, I absolutely am.”

Jace gets free hotel rooms so even though we could stay with Frankie or drive back up to Brockton after the party tonight, it’s fun to take advantage of these perks. As I think that, I wonder, “Do you ever worry we’ll get caught up in the money and lifestyle like Lizzie was talking about? I figured we fell in the normal category of people she described. Or trying to be despite the fame and power and privilege and whatever of the NFL.”

Jace strokes a few strays from my forehead that have fallen out of my ponytail. “It’s hard to think of you or us as normal. We’re just us Pep. Not anything else. We have to make our own way. Fight for what works for us.”

I nod. “It is a fight isn’t it? If you ride along without fighting, you can go down the wrong path. Like with Drake for you, or today when Ray tried to tell me to come out to Phoenix to train.”

“You’re not going?”

“Nope. I understand that the runners there are faster and there are advantages to running with them from an objective standpoint. But I’m better here. Better runner, better everything. I’m just…” I drift off trying to think of the right words. “Where I’m supposed to be. Who I’m supposed to be, when I’m in Brockton.”

Jace’s expression somehow softens and darkens at the same time. Like he loves what I’m saying but it brings a cloud. I realize what I’ve done and try to backtrack.

“But I’m also where I’m supposed to be when I’m with you Jace. I know that New York wants you and I know that it’s far from a sure thing with Denver right now. I’ll go whereever you go, okay?”

Jace nods, jaw clenching. “I know.”


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Pepped Up & Ready – Pepper Jones Book 3

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Pep Talks – Pepper Jones Book 4

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Pepped Up Forever – Pepper Jones Book 5

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About the Author


Ali is a #1 Amazon sports fiction bestseller. She hails from Vermont and now live in Colorado with her husband, boy-girl twins, and golden retriever Pancake. Ali has always loved to read, but found that there weren’t enough fiction books out there featuring girl athletes. So, she decided to work on that. Like the heroines in her books, Ali is an athlete, with running and skiing her favorite sports these days. When she’s not pursuing an outdoor adventure, Ali’s less healthy passions include ice cream, coffee, and beer.


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Release Blitz: SALVATION By Jane Henry





Seven years ago, she was sheltered. In need of guidance. I was a newly-ordained priest with a vow of celibacy. Our love affair was torrid, and wrong, and ended in heartbreak.
We broke it off and went our separate ways.
I left the priesthood. She left her home.
Seven years later, she’s stranded in my NYC Club while a blizzard rages outside, and she wants a taste of dominance.
I won’t let another man lay eyes on her, much less touch her.
She’s still my everything. My salvation.
And there’s no way I’m letting her go.


“I wanted to push you to safeword,” he confesses, a note of regret in his voice. “But you won’t, will you?”
“No,” I whisper. My throat tightens. I want to open my eyes, but I want to obey him even more. “Why would I ever need to safeword with you?”
“I’m not safe, Chandra.” He brushes my thighs with his lips, soft and sweet, and my head falls back, my eyes squeezing closed tighter. I’m growing accustomed to the low throb between my thighs, and pulse of need. I’m riding it like a high. I can control this. I can take this. I’m strong, and I can do this.
When he suckles the skin at my thighs, I arch my back. I let out an involuntary whimper, and my mind flashes to our first time together. I remember.

We’re in his bed, sheets of pristine white tangled around our bodies, and he holds me as if he doesn’t want me to fly away, so close our sweat-slicked skin melds together as one. He’s trembling himself, exercising restraint like a bridled stallion. I can feel the way he wants to claim me with savage, hard thrusts. But it’s my first time, and he doesn’t want to hurt me.
He took his time ravishing my body, kissing every inch of me until my whole body teemed with need, working his way down with flutters of adoration from my temple to my toes. There isn’t a place on my body that hasn’t been blessed with his mouth, not a place he hasn’t worshipped with his tongue or hands. And now I want him. Now I need him in me, the sudden desperate longing clawing at my chest. I’m a virgin and sex scares me, but now I need him like the sun-parched earth needs rain. I’ll wither and die until he makes me his. Though they would damn us to hell, every single one of them, my heart knows better. My heart knows the truth.
This is right. This is perfect.
“I’ll be as gentle as I can,” he whispers in my ear, the deep, tender voice making tears spring to my eyes.
“Not too gentle,” I whisper, a joke and a plea that makes him chuckle.
“I love you,” he whispers, as he glides into me. My chest expands with the words and motion, and I clasp my arms around his broad, muscled back.
“I love you,” I whisper, a delicious friction fusing our bodies together.





USA Today Bestselling author Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.



Release Blast: VAMPIRE’S EMBRACE By Joey W. Hill

Vampire’s Embrace

Vampire Queen Series 15

by Joey W. Hill


Nina’s twin sister Sher has been groomed to be an Inherited Servant since she
was six years old. At twenty-eight, she will be given to a vampire of the Council’s
choosing and serve him up to 300 years. While Sher insists that Nina is no less
service-oriented than herself, Nina does not see any correlation between her
own desire to pursue a career as a nurse and her sister’s to be the slave of a
blue-blooded vampire, where she is allowed no will or dreams of her own.
It’s 1941 and Nina signs up to serve with the Australian Army Nurses Service in
Singapore. What happens to her when the city falls to the Japanese will shatter
Nina all the way to the soul. But fate seems determined to give her more than
she can bear. When her sister dies in a car crash, Nina is informed that she must
take her place as an InhServ. She will be given to Lord Alistair, a vampire who
sees Nina as his property, to do with as he pleases.
Even as she rages against her fate, she is baffled at Alistair’s insistence on
having her as his servant. Especially when the Council offers the Queensland
Region Master the option of another InhServ with all the proper training to
support his political needs. But that’s not the most confusing thing about her new
Master. The ways in which he commands her surrender to him leads her to a
terrifyingly different understanding of her will and her dreams. By binding herself
to him, can she become whole again, but in a way she never expected?


Buy Links

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About the Author

Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W. Hill has
published almost fifty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including
six series. Her emotionally-intense love stories offer everything from vampires,
mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple
housemaids. With her books, she hopes readers won’t “look past the sex,” but instead
will “look within it,” and find a story that can touch not just the body, but also the heart
and soul.

Website & Social Media Links:
Twitter: @JoeyWHill
Facebook: JoeyWHillAuthor
Facebook Fan site: JWHMembersOnly
GoodReads: author/show/103359.Joey_W_Hill
Pinterest: jwhill23
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Cover Reveal:Where Bad Boys Are Ruined by Holly Renee

Release Date: December 5, 2018

Cover Design: Artist Regina Wamba




I ate leftover cupcakes and cracked macarons for breakfast.

I was ninety percent sure he simply ate up girls like me.

I was covered in paint splatters, cake batter, and sweat the first time I met him.

He was covered in badass tattoos and a smile that seemed to hold a secret I would never figure out.

Rule number 1 was never, under any circumstances, fall for the man who I wrote my lease check to.

So, I tucked him away in the “Fantasize Only” compartment of my brain and called it a day.

But he didn’t make it easy.

He was arrogant, funny, and the biggest flirt I had ever met.

Most of the time, I didn’t know if I was just a game to him.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart, too.






“How do you know this guy you are going on a date with tonight?” She had her curly red hair piled on top of her head in a bun that matched mine, and if it weren’t for the small laugh lines around her mouth, she would look like my twin.

“I don’t know him at all.” I picked up another box and set it on the counter.

“The two girls I was telling you about that work next door set me up.” I groaned, and I didn’t miss her smile.

“It’s good for you. You need to get out and date and…”

“Do not say it.” I cut her off.

“Have me some little red-headed grandbabies.” She put her hand over her heart and swooned.

“You are ridiculous.” I rolled my eyes at her but couldn’t help smiling at her theatrics.

My mom was the best mom ever. Not just because she made sure I never wanted for anything and disciplined me in a way that made sure I didn’t turn into a spoiled brat, but she was also the best friend I had ever had.

“First of all, we’re going on a group date.”

She raised her eyebrows in shock, and I laughed.

“The guy just knows that there is someone they want him to meet. There is absolutely no pressure on either of us. He doesn’t have to nine-one-one call a friend or anything to get out of it.”

“And you call me ridiculous.” She turned fully toward me and put her hands on her hip. “If a man didn’t want to date you, he’s an idiot.”

“You have to say that. Mom guilt.”

“Not true.” She picked up another box and started going through it. “I’d tell you if you weren’t datable. First of all, you’re gorgeous. Thank God for your mama.” She winked at me, and I let out a small laugh. “Second, you’re smart and have a great sense of humor. I’ll give a bit of credit to your daddy for that.”

“So, because I’m like the two of you, I’m perfect?” I asked sarcastically, but she didn’t care.

“Exactly. I didn’t just get with your dad because he’s so hot.” She wagged her eyebrows, and I tried to swallow down my nausea.

“Really, mom?”

“Knock, knock.”

I swung toward the door that separated the kitchen from the front of the bakery as soon as Brandon’s voice sounded through the space then I pointed to my mom.

“Stay here.” I sounded panicked. “Do not come out.”

My mom’s eyebrows shot up, but I did not give her a chance to ask questions.

I quickly walked through the door and made sure to force it closed behind me. There was no way in hell I was letting my mother come out and embarrass me in front of Brandon.

“Hey.” I pushed my stray curls out of my face. “What are you doing here?”

He leaned down and rested his elbows against the counter.

“I just wanted to stop in and see how everything is going.”

“It’s going.”

The door behind me moved just the tiniest bit, and I knew that my mom currently had her ear pressed against it.

“The place is looking great.” He didn’t take his eyes off me as he spoke. “It looks nothing like it did before you moved in.”

“Thank you. I’ve been envisioning what this place would look like for a long time now, so I had some ideas.” I laughed.

I didn’t know why I felt so nervous to talk to him about the bakery, but in all fairness, I felt nervous to talk to him at all.

The door behind me moved again. This time too hard for me to play it off as a mouse or a rouge cupcake that may have fell off the counter. I closed my eyes and sent up a silent prayer as my mom walked out.

“Hi there.” My mom waved to Brandon as she made her way toward him. “You must be David.” She stuck her hand out toward him, and I fought the urge to jump between them and shew my mother back into the kitchen.

He slid his tattooed hand into my mother’s and looked over at me with mischief in his eyes. “David?”

“Mom, this is Brandon.” I quickly avoided his question. “He owns this place.”

“Oh.” My mom giggled like ‘Oh, how silly of me to assume this hot as hell man was the guy my daughter was going on a date/non-date with tonight.’ “Well aren’t you handsome.”

“Thank you.” He grinned up at her, and I could have sworn I saw my mom swoon. “That means a lot coming from a beautiful woman like yourself.”

My mom swatted at his hand, and I inwardly groaned. The man I had been fantasizing about since the moment I met him just complemented my mom, and I was just a teeny tiny bit jealous. Or a lot. Whatever.

“Are you single, Brandon?”

“Mom don’t be rude. That’s none of your business.”

“It’s okay.” Brandon stood up to his full height. “I am.”

“That’s shocking.” She started to take him in again, and I tried to distract Brandon away from her before she could embarrass me more.

“Are y’all having a busy day at the shop today?”

Brandon’s laughing gaze slid back to me. “Yea. It’s always busy over there.”

“Good. You can send them over here to satisfy their sweet tooth once Charlie gets this place open.”

Brandon’s gaze ran over me, and I fiddled with a stray string on my jeans to stop myself from squirming under his gaze. “Absolutely.”

“Are you going on the group date tonight?” My mom turned and picked up a box out of the floor like she didn’t just make me sound like the biggest loser ever.

“What?” He looked genuinely confused before his eyes lit up. “Oh shit. That David? That’s why we’re all going out tonight?” He looked down at his hands and frowned.

“It wasn’t my idea.” I quickly answered him. “I don’t even know him. Livy and Staci thought it would be a good idea if everyone went so there wasn’t so much pressure. It’s not even a date. Everyone is just hanging out.”

I. Was. Such. A. Loser.

He looked back up at me as if he was looking for something. “I’ll be there tonight.”

“Cool.” I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and tried to avoid looking at my mom who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, it was nice to meet you,” Brandon said to my mother. “I better head back to work so I have plenty of time to get ready for our group date tonight.” He winked at me, and I wanted to die.

“You too.” My mom grinned at him. “Hopefully, I’ll be seeing more of you around.”

Brandon chuckled then made his way to the door. “See you later, Freckles.”

“Bye,” I barely managed to squeak out before I turned my death glare to my mother.

“Forget David.” She fanned herself. “I would be trying to date that one.”

“Mom,” I said frustrated, but I couldn’t admit that she was wrong.

She opened the door to head back into the kitchen. “What? I always did have a thing for bad boys. You should have seen your dad back in the day.”


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Where Good Girls Go to Die (The Good Girls Series – Book 1)

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Where Bad Girls Go to Fall (The Good Girls Series – Book 2)

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One of Five ARC’s for Where Bad Boys Are Ruined


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About the Author


Holly Renee is a best-selling author of sexy, contemporary romance, a Harry Potter fanatic, a body positive babe, and a boy mom.

When she’s not writing, you can find her reading all the books, taking long strolls down the aisles of Ulta, or hanging out with her two favorite boys.


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Release Day: The BEARly Controlled Grizzly By Jenika Snow


That first time I saw her—my mate—I’d been ready to kick some guy’s ass for even looking at her. I made no apologies for my possessive, territorial side. I was a grizzly bear shifter, after all. It was my nature to be over the top.

Bethany hadn’t known what to do at first—being mated to a shifter—one who was grouchy and burly and made no apologies for how rugged he really was.
But she wanted me, my sweet little human mate, who could have brought a beast like me to my knees with just a look.

I’d wanted nothing more than to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my lair like a caveman. But I let her take the lead, even if my bear wasn’t happy, even if the alpha in me wanted to have my way with her right then and there.

And I would have my way with her. All the ways that counted, in fact. I’d claim her, mark her, and before it was all said and done, there’d be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bethany was owned by a grizzly.


Warning: Holy moly, this hero’s crazy for his mate, but who wouldn’t want one OTT alpha bear shifter obsessed with you? This story is sweet and sexy, and oh so very filthy. Of course,you get a happily ever after … and a little somethin’-somethin’at the end to wrap it up nicely


I smelled her before I saw her, this addicting aroma that was sweet yet spicy, soft and delicate. It had my entire body tightening, had my heart racing wildly. I curled my hands around the edge of the table, my nails starting to turn into claws as my bear rose to the surface.


My human mate.

My bear’s mate.

That lone word was a growl inside of me, this feeling of completion, acceptance filling me completely. I slowly lifted my head and saw her, long dark hair in loose waves cascading down her back. She was standing to the side, her profile perfectly displayed. A tiny nose and gorgeous, pouty red lips.

I lowered my gaze to her chest, where large breasts—a perfect handful for me—pressed suggestively against the material of her shirt. I growled low again, this time knowing my brothers could hear it. She held a tray of six beers. Our drinks. She was coming here, to this table, as if fate had perfectly aligned this moment for our paths to cross.

Take her.

Claim her.

Make her know she is ours.

I needed to know everything there was to know about her, what she liked, what her voice sounded like, how she felt beneath me. I needed to know how she looked when she was lying in my bed, her hair spread out across my pillow, her mouth open as she moaned when I pushed my thick cock deep within her pussy.


I was sporting wood right now, a hard, stiff erection that pressed against my zipper uncomfortably. I was only focused on her. It didn’t matter if we were in a room full of people, she was my sole focus, the only person on this fucking planet who meant anything to me now.

My brothers were family, but she was life.

My life.



Jenika Snow, a USA Today bestselling author, lives in the northeast with her husband and their children.

She prefers gloomy days, eats the topping off of her pizza first, and prefers to wear socks year round.


Author Links